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Trip to The Holy Ashtray

Published on September 10, 2014 Trip to The Holy Ashtray

At the end of last month we had the pleasure of being invited to go over and see our good friends Leen and Bertus from Schorem Barbiers Rotterdam Holland, and what a fantastic trip it turned out to be.

On arriving we were met by Leen who took us to our very nice hotel that they had booked for us and then it was off to take in the local sights (bars).

The following day we met up with our friends Leen and Bertus who took us to their fantastic barbershop where we watched the guys in action. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with our friend Bianca from Hairpomades - one of our product wholesalers who is also great friends with the Schorem boys.

Unfortunately for me Bianca thought it would be good if I did a haircut whilst I was there which everyone agreed would be great especially as Schorems very own photographer Jelle was there (I wasn't nervous much, lol). But they were right we got some great pictures. After that it was time for a bite to eat and drink, great food, great conversation with fantastic friends who made us more than welcome.

Can't thank everybody enough for a quality couple of days and hope to see you in sunny Barnsley soon.